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Building a Proud Future

By Savanna Edwards


People plan for and think about their future every day. We hear about what others are planning to do in their lives, but have you stopped to think about yours? What is your future?


The future holds many things, but most important are the lives of the future leaders. Those of us in high school and college need to step up and teach our younger kids the importance of getting involved. As someone with younger siblings, I try to do this daily. I teach them how they can impact the world around them. It allows them to gain a sense of purpose, experience, and awareness of issues in this world. Getting involved at a young age helps develop essential skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. Together, we can build a society where every young person has the chance to fulfill their dreams, make a positive impact, and leave a legacy.


It is time for all of us young people to get involved because we are the future generation of workers, leaders, decision-makers, and family builders. The decisions we make now affect us for years to come. So, let’s rise together, overcome our fears, and get involved in our communities.


The time is now, and the future is ours. Let’s take the opportunity to build a future that will make us proud.


MEET Savanna Edwards

Savanna Edwards, recently selected as Southern Pine’s Student Ambassador, works closely with the communications team and will represent Southern Pine at community events throughout the service area. In addition, she assists with various communications projects, including web design, social media management, photography, writing, editing, and graphic design.

She will join the four students selected as youth leaders and represent Southern Pine at Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi’s Youth Leadership Workshop in Jackson and Youth Tour in Washington, D.C.

A junior at Southeast Jasper Academy in Heidelberg, Savanna plans to study law in college. She has strong interests in design, writing, and photography, and brings experience in graphic design, social media marketing, and website design to her role as Student Ambassador.

Savanna is the daughter of Patrick and Stephanie Edwards of Heidelberg. She is a homeschooled student who enjoys pageantry, meeting new people, and spreading awareness of her platform, “Fighting for Foster Children.”

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