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Levelized Payment Plan Application

Take some of the guesswork out of your monthly bill by signing up for Southern Pine’s levelized payment plan. This service allows payment of approximately the same amount each month, based on the average of your monthly energy use. To qualify you must meet these criteria:

  • Account must have at least a 12-month billing history without tampering, disconnects and returned checks
  • The account must have a zero balance
  • Residential member or tax-free status
  • Levelized amounts must be paid prior to the delinquent date to avoid removal from the plan.

To pay your bill online, you can login to your MyPower account or use MyPower Quickpay.

If you do not have a MyPower account, please create one to pay your bill, view your bill, monitor usage, and more. 

Attention Members
If paying with credit card, a 2.45% convenience fee will be added. If paying with e-Check, a $1.00 convenience fee will be added. You can avoid this fee completely if you pay by a different method. (cash, bank draft, or a paper check)